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Post Acute Care Provider Services

Analysis of Your Market, Competition, Margins/Revenue Cycle/Costs, Sales Strategy, Post Acute Care Provider Network and more....

Let our Advisors do an analysis and assessment of current operations, market trends, internal talent and structure to assess your Operations Capabilities including acquisition. We can create a strategy with you identifying a potential "niche" opportunity for growth and sustainability. Organizational Assessments provide insight identifying your strengths and where to fill the gaps. 

We evaluate all technology and Data Collection capabilities, integration capabilities of systems with Providers for reporting. We analyze Operational trends and patterns, patient health data and identify risk reductions opportunities that impact outcomes and ratings. We provide workflow process evaluations emphasizing Evidence based best practices.

Goals of analysis: Enhanced Business Operations and Sustainability to increase revenue, lower costs, enhance organizational efficiency, and identify investment opportunities with an emphasis on positive outcomes. 

Contracting/Business Development/Healthcare Recruitment

Let Ahearn Advisors handle your contracting needs for Managed Care, PBM's, Health Plans, Part D, ACO's, State Medicaid/Medi-cal, Managed Medicaid/cal, Hospital Chains. We are experts in risk and risk sharing strategies. We also provide auditing, analysis and reporting on current contracts for regulatory and financial compliance, and profitability.

Recruitment - Executive Management and Key Leadership, Clinical Management, Home Health/Hospice Case Managers, Per Diem clinical field staff, ancillary staff.

At Ahearn Advisement Partners, our Talent Acquisition Experts can assist your organization recruit and attract the "right individual for the right job". We have a variety of "contract designs" to support your staffing needs. The expertise and support of outsourced talent acquisition experts, helps your organization build the right team in no time at all!

Start-up's/Licensure/Certification/Accreditation/Program Development/Regulatory and Financial Compliance/Quality Assurance/Survey Readiness/Plan of Correction (2567)

Our Advisors are Licensure and Certification experts for Home Health, Home Care, Hospice, Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy. 

Our experts can guide you step by step for initial agency licensure/certification: We assist with application completion and submission, Operational oversight and implementation, P&P's and protocols that comply with Federal, State and Accreditation standards and conditions, staff preparation, oversight and training for COP's, Accrediting and Licensing requirements, pre-survey audits to evaluate readiness and ensure survey success.

Advisors are available for initial survey's for licensure/certification, unannounced complaint survey support and routine survey support. We will assist you establish a plan of corrections to meet any Conditions requiring further action and follow. We also support you with additional licensure processes and submission of paperwork: Change of Ownership, Change of Address, Change of Services or service area. 

Make it our job to support you in acquiring and maintaining your agency's licensure, certification and accreditation. Ask us about our "Ahearn Advice" program, support that connects you with your personalized expert for questions, concerns or challenges. An Expert at your fingertip always, just a phone call away!

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