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Business Development: Population Health, Transition in Care Programs

As the Affordable Care Act continues to roll out, all organizations are in a position to evaluate where they are in the current market and where they will be in future markets. As you operate currently and do business today, are you positioned for the vision of alternate payment models, value based purchasing, Post-Acute Provider Network participation and alignment, or the agency and system of choice by the Consumer? Our experts can do an Operational, Financial, Market or Infrastructure assessments determining risks and opportunities for your organization. We can help you set goals related to care settings and costs, redesign, develop and implement new programs or help you build a "brand strategy" for your organization with current programs by identifying niche opportunities to fill gaps within the continuum of care. And then we can help you pull together all necessary data and reports, develop a measureable marketing and sales roll out plan including effectiveness of partner relationships.

Program Development

Population Health Management and Patient Engagement Strategies, Transitions in Care, Predictive Modeling and analytics to help you dentify and minimize risks. What does your Organization offer that would help improve outcomes, reduce costs, provide greater access and manage high risk populations? What does your Organization refer to other Organizations that if a Program/Product/Service was introduced, you would now capture additional revenues and expand services?

We can support your organization, Manage and Oversee: Start Up Agencies (Hospice, Home Health, Home Care) from application to certification, Programs and Products that support the Continuum of Care and Post Acute Care Provider Networks. We are experts at all standards and requirements for: Licensure, Certification, Accreditation, Conditions of Participation and all State Agency requirements. Our expertise with the Licensure and the Accreditation process (The Joint Commission, CHAP, ACHC) provides your organization with the security of knowing, an experienced individual is driving and guiding you to achieve your business goals timely. 

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