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Contract Services - Risk, Compliance, Profitability

Our Contracting and reimbursement experts provide an assessment and evaluation of your current contracts. We evaluate for compliance with conditions of payment and regulations, determine profitability, areas for opportunity such as reducing costs with volume tiers or market share percentages, or potential risks. We can provide an analysis of your current Vendor contracts determining the "true" cost of the contract to your organization. We assess Provider contracts for service and A/R issues, market share incentives, patient satisfaction and profitability. As organizations consolidate, acquire, restructure or redesign we believe there is always opportunity to evaluate current contracts and potential contracting opportunities.

Managed Care Contracting

Our contracting experts are here to support your team or assist you as your Outsourced Contracting Dept., supporting your organizations marketing, sales and growth efforts. We can guide you, develop strategies in risk, risk sharing, bundling or other unique offerings for financial viability and preferred positioning with Providers. 

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